On October 1, 2010, Dan was interviewed by Dick Gordon on "The Story" {American Public Media}.  Click the icon to the left to listen to Dan recall his first trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats. 

Self Proclaimed Dream-Enthusiast


Dan’s determination, drive, and vision have successfully propelled him into some of the top motor sport and aviation related arenas.  At age 16 he began building and racing stock cars.  He raced the short tracks of the Northeast including ThunderRoad, Airborne International Speedway, and Riverside Speedway from 1990-2000.  In 1998 he started designing and building a car that would fulfill a childhood dream of going 200 MPH.  In 2001 he took his open-wheeled Lakester 3,000 miles across the country to the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats.  On the third day of racing he achieved his goal topping 202.987MPH.











Never satisfied with the status quo, it was about this time that Dan began pursuing flying.  He found himself surrounded by many wonderful mentors working at a local state airport.  With no formal experience under his belt he was introduced to ultralights by a group of retirees who spent afternoons hanging out at the local hangars.  Dan never looked back.  In 2003, with just 80 hours on a private pilot’s license he set off for Reno, completed Pylon Racing School, and raced the International Air Races to a fourth place finish in the Bronze class that very year.

By age 30 Dan had successfully made his mark in two of the world’s most prestigious air and motorsport races.  On the way back from Reno in 2003, Dan competed in his first IAC competition in his Cassutt IIIM and took 2nd place.

Since then, Dan has made five more trips to the Bonneville Salt Flats with a streamliner he designed and built, achieved a personal goal of 300 MPH in 2010 at the World Finals, and earned a commercial pilot’s license and surface-level aerobatic waiver.


Dan maximizes his surface-level waiver with performances that engage. His high-energy airshow (in airplanes that people aren’t used to seeing) is always “front & center” and features just the right balance of classic and custom aerobatic maneuvers, tumbles, snaps, spins, and plenty of outside G! 


In 2015 Dan proudly introduced his Jet Car! Powered by a GE J85 Jet Engine from an F5 Freedom Fighter, the jet car is an entirely custom design, built from the ground up in his shop.


Dan’s infectious enthusiasm and energetic personality shine through in his aerobatic performances.  Combine all of that with his diverse background in motorsports and aviation, and audiences are captivated in the air and on the ground!



Unique Accomplishments


  • 1990-2000: American Canadian Tour Stock Car Competitor

  • 2001 World Finals, Bonneville Salt Flats: 202.9 MPH

  • 2003 Reno Air Races: 4th place Bronze

  • 2005 World Finals, Bonneville Salt Flats: 255.4 MPH

  • 2009 World of Speed, Bonneville Salt Flats: 276.9 MP

  • 2010 World Finals, Bonneville Salt Flats: 300.1MPH

  • Airshow Pilot & IAC Competitor since 2003






PO Box 103, Bakersfield, Vermont 05441

(802) 827-3297