Rave Reviews

“I always stop to watch Dan’s high-energy aerobatics. But what makes Dan stand out is his high-energy personality. Dan’s always up, always ready, and easy to work with. The audience quickly connects.”
-Greg Koontz, The Alabama Boys, 2014 Bill Barber Award
“If you absolutely want your crowd to be on the edge of their chairs in excitement, Dan is the one to get them there. Dan Marcotte has been flying in our show since the beginning, and it has been the best decision we have made on the use of a performer. I have frequently had inquiries from our patrons about the man with the great laugh and suspenders giving them such a precise, upfront, and heart-pounding low performance. You won’t regret adding Dan Marcotte AirShows to your performers list.”
-Thorne Harkin, Air Show CoordinatorReading Air Fest, Reading, PA
Great connection with each person in the air and on the tarmac. 
Dan is the guy you want to be friends with!
-Dominique, Fan from Canada
“Dan and the Ultimate Biplane provided an exhilarating performance at the Greenwood Lake Airshow! He thrilled our crowds from the moment he lifted off the runway until he was back on the ground shaking hands and signing autographs!
-Tim Wagner, Greenwood Lake Airport
The Dan Marcotte’s Air Show has now become a tradition for our July 3rd Independence Day Celebration in Burlington Vermont. Approximately 100,000 attend this one day event across the city. The show receives outstanding reviews from the public. With the complexity of incorporating an air show on the waterfront Dan Marcotte and his crew were very organized and followed every strict regulation. If you are in the market for an air show performer I would highly recommend Dan Marcotte AirShows
-Maggie Leugers, CPRP | Recreation Superintendent, City of Burlington
Dan performed at our air show in Keene, NH.  It was the first air show in Keene in decades and Dan absolutely thrilled the spectators!  His air performance was spectacular, fun, professional, and safe.  Dan was not only impressive in the air– he was incredibly easy to work with and a pleasure to have around.  
-Beth Bendel, Monadnock Aviation
Dan exceeded all of our expectations, both in the air and on the ground.  His high energy performance amazed the crowd and his personal interaction with fans was tremendous.
-Marty McMahon, Great State of Maine Air Show