The Ultimate

Dan’s show features the Ultimate 10-200 Biplane.  Designed by Gordon Price, the Ultimate is a unique biplane.  Its four, full-span ailerons provide a 400 degree per second roll rate.  It also utilizes an aileron/elevator interconnect system that produces unique low-speed flight characteristics.  Dan enters his maneuvers at speeds of up to 250 MPH.  Stressed for +/- 10 Gs, Dan operates the airplane at G loads of up to plus 7 and minus 6 G’s.  With just the right balance of classic aerobatics, unique tumbles, tailslides, spins, and signature maneuvers, Dan’s show keeps the audience riveted from take-off to landing.  In 2011 Dan added a knife-edge ribbon cut to his repertoire to the delight of spectators!  Dan’s unique background in racing and aviation, his infectious enthusiasm, and his innate ability to become “one” with his machine captivate audiences where ever he performs.


Dan with friend and fellow performer,

Gordon Price,

designer of the Ultimate Biplane.  

2019 Aero Salon et spectacle aérien,

St Hubert, Quebec, Canada

June 1, 2019.